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Believe in yourself

When new traders get in to the forex market, eager to learn everything there is to know, they often make the mistake of thinking that knowledge is everything in trading. While knowledge is one of the most important parts of forex trading, knowledge alone is not going to make you one of the great traders. An equally important part of forex trading is, although you might have not thought so, your psychology. You will find that when your trading with forex currency, you will have a constant battle with your mind, resisting the urge to make moves that you shouldn’t.

Every successful trader knows that discipline is one of the most fundamental keys to trading. If you are not disciplined enough, you are soon going to be losing money. Why is this? Well, the vast majority of human beings ideally want as big profits as possible in the shortest possible time, and preferably whilst having to put in as little effort as possible. I mean wouldn’t you rather win a million dollars on the lottery rather than having to work for it?

So why is this so bad, wanting to make profits quick? Well, just like in any other income-related activity, there just no way of getting rich quick. A spanish trading central called cambiodivisas.eu has an interesting artcile on this subject.There’s no “become a millionaire in just a month” program that we can all follow, because if there was, everyone would have been a millionaire by now. In order to make really quick and big profits in forex trading, we have to take big risks, and the more risks we take, the less probability of predicting the outcome we will have. Essentially, this means that you might as well put your money on the roulette wheel if you want to make money.

The forex traders that become successful (learn more on how to get successful on this site!) are the ones that accepts the fact that trading takes time to learn, and also that it’s something you go in for long-term. In order to be successful you need to learn how to resist the urge of wanting to invest in a high risk trade, and stick to your program. Ignore the gambler inside you. Even though your trading might not be as exciting as a high risk trader’s, but the fact is that even though the high risk trader might have loads of fun when he wins big, the fall he will take when he finally loses his money will be much harder. You, on the other hand, will be rewarded over time, and as long as you stick to a good trading strategy, you won’t have to deal with any hard falls.